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Mission & Vision

HALBES was established in Ankara, Turkey in 2010 as an unusual enterprise in the fields of Agriculture, Livestock breeding, Machinery and Renewable Energy.

It is obvious that our future is bound to healthy alimentation of every person, especially our children’s.

Another issue as important as the healthy alimentation is that the utilization of proper plants to prevent diseases and enable other bodies to combat the disease efficiently.

European Union projects for the alignment to EU standards in the fields of food security, animal health, plant health and environment was taken into account and applied. Our purpose is to improve Agricultural Industry. With that in mind although HALBES was established in Ankara, it established the first Medicinal and Aromatic Plants production farm in Turkey, in Yozgat province.

A factory builging was purchased in Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone where HALBES produces agricultural drying machines. One needs to bear in mind the fact that qulity food needs qulity drying.

HALBES chose to invest in “Renewable Energy” and produces wind turbines. We produce one of the most efficient wind tubrines in the world which is designed by Yücel Hökelek, who is our chief engineer. Our prototypes are ready and observations are being made. Soon enoguh we will be supplying the market with these distinguished wind turbines.

HALBES completing the research on capers cultivation leased a field of 150 decares, where 50.000 caper seedlings were planted in 2011. In 2014 capers production amounted to 10 tons. We envision that this production will increase in the following years. Also fabled quince of Dodurga attracted us and 300 quince seedlings were planted also in Dodurga plantation of HALBES.